Upcoming Activities

Learning about Choral Music: Our choral music education module will feature the music of composer Morten Lauridsen. A children's choir will perform his famous "Dirait-on"and learning activities will center on the elements of choral music, understanding about singing in a choir, as well as listening and learning guides. We plan to feature activities in American art to compliment the music and develop an interactive guide about understanding poetry and its role in the composition of vocal music, downloadable lesson plans for teachers will be presented.

Learning about Solo Instrumental Music: This education experience will focus on the movement of Impressionism in music and art. The music of Claude Debussy will be featured in a performance of Debussy's cello sonata, and we will develop interactive art experiences to compliment the music. Learning games will focus on the cello, how to recognize its distinctive sound, how to learn about the instrument itself, and how to recognize a piece of music written in the Impressionist style. Children will be guided to learn about Impressionism in history, and be taught to recognize a piece of Impressionistic art. Listening and learning guides will be developed to teach the elements of music, and as always, a downloadable lesson plan for teachers will be offered.

Learning about Solo Vocal music: Our Solo Voice module will focus on American folk songs, and will feature a performance of various folk songs from America's history. We will teach the process of "arranging" a piece of traditional music for voice and accompaniment. Complimenting the music will be interactive art experiences which will feature American folk art. Learning games and listening and learning guides will be offered.

Creative Teens Central: This site for teens is in development. We will feature a You-Tube style short video, filmed by a talented teen. This video will be the product of several teen focus groups, and be geared to engaging a music loving teenager in the new "classical" compositions of today's young composers, then create a bridge for them to the standard classical repertoire. On-line activities will include learning about the process of composing music, sampling various compositional styles of modern music, and showing how elements of composition can be understood in popular music and in classical music.