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Music Software for Kids
Music Ace, l and 2
Provides a fun and comprehensive introduction to music fundamentals for beginning music students of any age. Following the guidance and directions of “maestro max” and his animated friends students participate in over 200 lessons and challenging games, plus compose and perform to their own original music works using the innovative Music Doodle Pad

The musical dinosaur uses an edutainment approach to teach music through colorful animation, fun filled games and songs. The MiDisaurus music education software series teaches basic music and keyboard skills. Appropriate for ages 4 – l0

Clifford’s Musical Memory Games
Use thinking skills to help Clifford and the Big Red Dog and his friends bring music back to Birdwell Island

Pianomouse Meets the Great Composers
An introduction to music history for ages 8 and up, published by pianomouse.com

Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker: The Musical Game (v2)
Music Games International
Interactive music games, puzzles, music dictionary, based on the music of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker

Mozart’s Magic Flute: The Musical Game
Music Games International
Interactive music games, puzzles, music dictionary, based on Mozart’s Magic Flute

Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: The Musical Game
Twelve different musical games, riddles, listening room and dictionary of musical instruments based on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Making Music: Create! Play! Experience!
Designed to develop knowledge of music fundamentals, kids can create and play music, add instruments, rhythm and melody to make their own compositions

Hearing Music
Listening skills and learning fundamentals of music through famous pieces of music

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Music Cds for Kids

The Classical Child at the Opera, Metromusic

Pavarotti’s Opera Made Easy – My Favorite Opera for Children, Georges Bizet (composer), et al

Story of the Orchestra, Meredith Hamilton (illustrator) Robert T. Levin

Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Benjamin Britten

Carnival of the Animals, Camille Saint-Seans

Peter and the Wolf, Serge Prokofiev

Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery, Douglas Crowling (composer) et al

Mozart’s Magic Fantasy, Wolfgang Mozart (composer) et al

Hallelujah Handel, Douglas Crowling (composer) et al

Mr. Bach Comes to Call, Karen Lavut, Martin Lavut (composer)

Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Classical Kids Series

Tchaikovsky Lives Upstairs, Classical Kids Series

Classical Music for Children, Claude Debussy (composer) et al

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